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Records:  90 
Kind Variety Area Grower/Seller Web Seed Ad
Wheat: Durum Transcend   Roy Klym Best Durum for disease resistance
Wheat: Durum Trancend   Sorgard Seed/Wagon Wheel  
Wheat: Durum AC Raymore   Sorgard Seed?Wagon Wheel  
Wheat: Hard RedSpring Carberry   Sorgard Seed?Wagon Wheel ex yield, vg standing and thrashing,
fusarium tolerant
Wheat: Hard RedSpring Glenn   Sorgard Seed/Wagon Wheel vg yield, vg standing, ex milling
Wheat: Hard RedSpring AC Vesper   Sorgard Seed/Wagon Wheel midge tolerant, fuz tolerant, g yield, g stand
Wheat: Hard RedSpring CDC Utmost   Sorgard Seed?Wagon Wheel midge tolerant, ex yield, vg standing
Wheat: CPS Strong Conquer   Sorgard Seed/Wagon Wheel midge tolerant, g stand, very high yield
Wheat: Hard RedSpring Cardale   Sorgard Seed/Wagon Wheel fuz resistant, ex yield, vg stand
Barley Conlon   Sorgard Seed/Wagon Wheel early maturing, high test weight, ex yield, g stand
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