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Records:  90 
Kind Variety Area Grower/Seller Web Seed Ad
Barley Rosser S0G Allan Seeds AC Rosser
Canary Seed Togo S0A Wagon Wheel Seed Corp CDC Togo $.40/pound
Chickpea: Kabuli CDC Frontier S6H McDougall Acres Ltd Certified seed available.
Chickpea: Kabuli CDC Luna S0H Annand Agro Services Ltd Earliest and largest CDC Kabuli variety, Germ 93%, 0 Disease, 09 crop
Faba Bean Snowbird   Sorgard Seed/Wagon Wheel zero tannen, vg yield, treat like peas, livestock feed with very high protein
Faba Bean Snowbird S0A Wagon Wheel Seed Corp CDC Snowbird .20/lb
Field Pea: Green CDC Patrick S0H Annand Agro Services Ltd Medium green pea (178 g/ 1000 seeds). Excellent bleaching resistance and standability. Foundation,Registered, Certified available. Germ 95%
Field Pea: Other 4010 Silage S0A Wagon Wheel Seed Corp 4010 Silage $14.50
Field Pea: Yellow AAC Lacombe S4P Roy Klym  
Field Pea: Yellow Bronco S0G Allan Seeds CDC Bronco Yellow
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