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Kind Variety Area Grower/Seller Web Seed Ad
Wheat: Durum AC Raymore   Sorgard Seed?Wagon Wheel  
Wheat: Durum Raymore S4P Roy Klym Sawfly resistance, Best lodging resistance
Wheat: Durum Strongfield S0H Annand Agro Services Ltd High yield and protein variety. 2009 crop No fusarium or ergot. Germ 90-96%
Wheat: Durum Strongfield S6H McDougall Acres Ltd Most popular durum.
Wheat: Durum Trancend   Sorgard Seed/Wagon Wheel  
Wheat: Durum Transcend   Roy Klym Best Durum for disease resistance
Wheat: Hard RedSpring AC Lillian S6H McDougall Acres Ltd Only solid stem wheat.
Wheat: Hard RedSpring AC Vesper   Sorgard Seed/Wagon Wheel midge tolerant, fuz tolerant, g yield, g stand
Wheat: Hard RedSpring Barrie S0G Allan Seeds A.C. Barrie Hard Red Spring Wheat
Wheat: Hard RedSpring Carberry   Sorgard Seed?Wagon Wheel ex yield, vg standing and thrashing,
fusarium tolerant
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RoLo Farms Ltd
Gentle handling of all crops. All seed handled in conveyors or elevators. Seed cleaners include Aspirator, vibratory conveyor, indents, air screen, grader and gravity table. Large totally enclosed 110" digital scale on site
Roy Klym
5 miles NW of Regina

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