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City Postal Area CLeaning outlet Name Cleaning Outlet Ad
    RoLo Farms Ltd Gentle handling of all crops. All seed handled in conveyors or elevators. Seed cleaners include Aspirator, vibratory conveyor, indents, air screen, grader and gravity table. Large totally enclosed 110" digital scale on site
Assiniboia S0H Delorme Seeds Ltd. Fast efficient cleaning of most crop types. Pedigree, Common and Organic cleaning
Bengough S0C Valley Agricultural Cooperative Ltd Grain cleaning; Grain Rolling for feed; cattle supplements; livestock equipment; equipment rental.
Corning S0G Allan Seeds Seed held until needed with deposit. Cleaning Wheat, Barley, Flax and Peas
Corning S0G McCarthy Seed Farm Growers and Processors of Pedigree Seed
Frontier S0N Whitemud Trading Company Inc We are open all year around. Seed Cleaning customers please call 306-296-4545. Our equipment includes air&screen machine, indents, Density seperator and grader.
Langbank S0G Lanken Seeds & Agro Services Lannken Seed has screen, indent and gravity machines. We load clean grain into trucks or containers. We do not bag.
Manor S0C Sunny K Seeds Ltd. All Conveyors for pulse crops, (no augers). Operating all year around. Scale on site. Easy access for all truck sizes. Large incoming storage. Cleaning machines include gravity table. Check us out for grade improvement, (especially oats).
Milestone S0G Rennick Farms All product goes over our Pegasus gravity table.
Milestone S0G Tradewind Commodities Ltd. Buyer of Pulse Crops. Custom seed cleaning of Lentils Peas and Canary grass.
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Rennick Farms
Joe Rennick
4 miles SouthWest of Milestone

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